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Welcome to the wiki for Moai - the mobile platform for pro game developers.

Register for Moai Cloud, and download the Moai SDK here and then read the Moai FAQ. Check out the Moai forum if you need more.

Want to dive straight in? Try the Moai SDK API reference


Moai Technical White Paper - Read the white paper on Moai

Moai SDK - getting started guides, documentation and samples for the Moai SDK.

Moai Cloud - develop and host cloud logic and data for your mobile game with the Moai Cloud.

Moai Direct - cloud-enable your existing game with Moai Direct services.

Moai Basics Series

External/3rd-party tutorials and resources

- GameFromScratch MOAI Tutorials

- - public 'clipboard' for MOAI-related snippets/mini-demo's/etc.

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