Moai SDK: the fast, minimalist, open-source Lua framework for pro game developers

Build better games, faster.     Reach more players via iOS, Android and Chrome.     Never make a platform compromise.

  • Fast game play development: Full Lua support, built-in libraries, device platform abstraction and hosts for Mac and PC keep the team rolling on great gameplay with the fastest possible iterations. 
  • Great cross-platform games: Native apps with smooth performance on iOS, Android, Chrome, PC, Mac, and soon, Linux – all from a single Lua code base.
  • More players and revenue: Multi-app-store releases bring many times the player reach and new marketing and monetization options.
  • The control you need for uncompromising games: Moai SDK is free and open source. You’ll never be stuck waiting for a platform update or giving up on a differentiating feature because of a platform limitation.
  • Minimal ramp up: Flash export scripts and XML/JSON/Lua object I/O mean you can keep working the way you're working now, with the same tool chain, and take just the benefits you're looking for.
  • Code your whole game in Lua with powerful game engine features at your fingertips.
  • Iterate on your game dozens of times a day without compiles, builds, or device deployments.
  • No porting to different device platforms required
  • Integrated libraries and services for rendering and animation, sound, physics, text, tilesets, particle effects, device input, monetization and more.
  • Full source access to the Moai SDK C++ code and device hosts.