Use the Moai Cloud and SDK components you need.

Keep as much as you want of your existing tech stack and tool chain.

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Cloud-enable your game in minutes

Imagine your mobile games with rich new features for a persistent player experience, a more vibrant player community, and the capabilities you need to re-engage players with news, new content, special offers, contests, and more.  You could build all this in-house, release it in a couple of months, and then support it 24x7.  Or you could configure a few things in your Moai Cloud account, make RESTful API calls to the Moai Direct services from your current game build and start testing these new features today.    Learn more...

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Build your back-end in your front-end language

Moai Cloud saves your team from context switching and cross-team meetings by letting you write the back-end for your game in the same language you're using for your front-end logic.  It's built for game services, and it's kept up to date, monitored, secured, replicated, backed-up, and scaled for you as your player base grows.  Having your own game cloud environment means you can jump right into adding the sweet multiplayer / persistence / social / customer engagement features you'll need to make your game a success.  Learn more...

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Reach players across all the modern app stores

Moai SDK is a minimalist, open-source game framework optimized for smooth performance in native apps on Android, iOS and Chrome (via NaCl).  It provides 2D and isometric rendering and animation, physics, text handling, particle systems, and more from Lua script or C++.  Scripting Moai in Lua is a fast way to build and tune games, and gives you a single code base across multiple device platforms and app stores. Full access to the source means you'll never have to make a compromise in your game play experience or delay your schedule to wait for help.  Learn more...