Custom Game Logic in the Cloud

Everything you need for faster, less-stressful client-cloud game development.

  • Single language development: Moai lets you skip the learning curves, context-switching, and cross-team dependencies normally present in client-cloud development so you can build a great cloud-enabled game with a single team that's focused on great game play.
  • Ops and architecture as a service: Your custom Moai services are kept running, scaled out to meet player demand, maintained & patched, replicated, backed-up & monitored, all at a fraction of the cost of the additional staff you’d need to do it yourself with a bare-bones hosting service or co-loc facility.
  • An easy call: With no up-front investment, faster development and costs that scale with players, custom game logic in Moai Cloud is a slam-dunk business decision for most mobile game studios.


Lua Logo

Custom Cloud Logic in Lua

Whether you use your own Lua implementation, Corona SDK or the open-source Moai SDK, you can speed up development today with Lua in Moai Cloud.

Mono Logo

Custom Cloud Logic in Mono

Is Unity3D your client toolset of choice?  Extend your expertise to rapid cloud development with C# in Moai Cloud (coming soon: sign up here to be notified when it's live).

JavaScript Logo

Custom Cloud Logic in JavaScript

Coming from a Flash or web games perspective?  No problem.  Write your custom back-end logic in JavaScript and keep your game development rolling (coming soon: sign up here to be notified when it's live).