The first browser platform for Moai is here. Moai SDK now includes support for Google Chrome via the Native Client SDK. We've been having a good bit of fun these last two weeks posting test releases of Moai games to the Chrome Web Store and playing them in the browser. The games run fast and smooth - Native Client is a terrific option for developers looking to broaden the distribution of their titles without making gameplay compromises.

In fact, you can see demos of all this now if you're at GDC Online in Austin, TX. Stop by the Google booth to see and play a beta of Wolf Toss in Chrome. You can start experimenting with NaCl Moai games by pulling the NaCl branch from the moai/moai-dev tree in github. You'll also need the Chrome beta (unofficially called build 15), which includes OpenGL. The next release of the Moai SDK and the next stable build of Chrome will be coming soon and make this an out-of-the-box.