Looks like we had a bug sneak in when I added my Objective-C categories to support the iPhone project. I was aware of the linking problem with static libraries and categories, and the -ObjC linker flag appeared to fix the problem, at least in the environment I tested it in. Unfortunately, I've received bug reports from users and after testing it under Xcode 3 found the same - unrecognized selector in spite of the -ObjC linker flag.

We added some new features per forum requests. There's a preliminary version of MOAIImage; more to come. It's now possible to pad non power or 2 images to power of 2 on load. There's also a new event mix-in class to provide a more unified way to bind events to callbacks. Right now, only the action stop even is exposed, but more can be added; just send us your requests.

Push notification for iPhone added to latest release. There's a first pass of push notification in the latest beta release. There's also an iPhone specific AKU binding. Check out the iPhone sample to see how it's used. I just tested it out with Urban Airship and it works a treat.

- Patrick