Last week, RapidFire Studios posted about changing mobile game platforms and moving to a new title. It's a short article that gives you insight into their view point and goes through a pretty detailed comparison between Moai and Unity. Here's an excerpt:

When you’re running a business, you want to pay for things that actually matter. Moai is great in that regard. The engine itself is free. What you pay for (if you choose to) is their cloud offering, which allows you to build networked games, send push notifications, etc with a freemium, scale-as-you-go model. It’s free to get started and the fees increase only as usage increases. And the prices are very competitive. we made Slots Tycoon and launched it today! We think Slots Tycoon has the highest production values of any slot machine game in any of the app stores today, and we know players love it already because reviews are averaging over 4 stars.

We expect great things from Slots Tycoon, and for good reasons. We've built in all the supporting services a modern mobile game needs and have been monitoring the game's performance as we tuned it for 8 weeks in a single geography prior to this launch. Slots Tycoon makes use of very detailed analytics, social gifting and invitation features, player re-engagement features, app performance monitoring, and customer support tools through Moai Cloud, and Moai partner services ApSalar and Crittercism. We already know the game makes a healthy ARPDAU, has high player retention, and crashes at a rate of less than 0.2% across all iOS and Android devices.

We're really excited about this launch, both because Slots Tycoon is a great casino game that players are enjoying, and also because once again, our small, focused studio team has been able to use Moai SDK and Moai Cloud to sim-ship a top-rated mobile game on both iOS and Android with everything the game needs to be an ongoing source of player entertainment and studio revenue.

Try your luck in Slots Tycoon today, and let us know what you think!

Slots Tycoon game icon

For HTTP requests Moai Cloud exposes curl and not much else. I've posted some HTTP boilerplate below the fold. This was hastily adapted from my own service production code. I'm posting it now for use in my next blog post. I'll be formally releasing a production-hardened version of this code (along with my web service utilities) in the near future so stay tuned.

If you're an iOS developer and sell virtual goods in your app, you've no doubt heard about the recent hack that gives users unlimited access to your in-app purchases by simulating the Apple services with a rogue server. Of course, this hack only affects apps that don't follow Apple's recommended practice of doing server-side receipt validation.

Fortunately, server side receipt validation is trivially easy to do using Moai Cloud. Sample code after the fold.

The Moai team just wrapped up a great session in the Android developer sandbox at Google I/O 2012. Thanks to everyone who came and said hello, talked about games and Moai. We were also showing sneak peeks of some new Moai features coming in the next few months and some of the games Zipline has been working on. And of course everyone has been playing Strikefleet Omega!

Team Moai in the Android Sandbox at Google I/O 2012

Google had a slew of great announcements at I/O, including the gorgeous Nexus 7 tablet, which sets a new bar for Android tablet design and performance, and Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean. Getting hands on with Android 4.1 showed that Google has done some great work on performance optimization that is directly relevant to game development, and we noticed  existing Moai games play smoother and better on Android 4.1. We'll be writing more on that topic soon, but the good news is that Google is more serious about games on Android than ever.