Just a quick post to tell you about two cool new books that have chapters on Moai. The first is 'Learn Lua for iOS Game Development' by our friend Jayant Varma:



The second is Jason Brownlee's 'Mobile Game Engines: Interviews with Mobile Game Engine Developers':


Check them out!

Summer is well and truly over here in Seattle, but the good news is that the pace of Moai development is picking up! The new Moai SDK 1.3r2 is now available for download. This release saw a focus on iOS, with support for the iOS 6 SDK and Xcode 4.5 plus a round of new features and bug fixes for all platforms.

Most importantly, we have updated the Moai Xcode project to support Apple's latest Xcode version 4.5 and the iOS 6 SDK. What does this mean for you? The biggest change is that Xcode 4.5 adds support for armv7s and the iPhone 5, but drops support for older armv6 iOS devices, and requires a minimum of iOS 4.3. Apple's armv6 devices include the iPhone 3G and earlier iPhones, and the first two generations of iPod touch devices. The Moai codebase on github can still be used to build to armv6 with previous Xcode versions, but your build flags will need to be reverted to support this.

Thanks again to Moai contributors and developers who assisted with this release.


What's new in Moai SDK 1.3r2:

-iOS 6 and armv7s support added
-Dropped armv6 support on iOS
-Added setFailOnError method to MOAIHTTPTask to allow getting information from 400+ codes
-Modified MOAITextDesigner's layout behavior to snap the layout cursor's Y-Coordinate to integer boundaries between lines of text
-Modifed MOAITextDesigner's layout method to snap lines of text to integer boundaries to prevent blurring
-Fixed a buffer overrun issue in Visual Studio 2010
-Fixed 'setLength' function on MOAIBOX2DDistanceJoint
-Fixed a bug with Curl HTTP task resetting on certain calls
-Fixed offscreen buffer ( MOAIFrameBuffer ) clipping bug
-Fixed issue with MOAICpBody not registering MOAITransformBase functions
-Fixed issue with MOAISerializer not handling escaped quotes
-Fixing bug causing '.fnt' file to fail to load if not in the current directory
-Added MOAIBox2DRopeJoint to global Lua class registration
-Added a fill method to MOAIGrid
-Fixed issue with MOAIParticleEmmiter so that it uses the proper location and apply transforms in the correct order
-Fixed a bug with 3d picking
-Added sort modes to propListForRay


Want to discuss this update in the Moai Forums?  Go for it.

A lot of modern mobile games are supported by mobile advertising (either exclusively or in addition to in-app purchases). But there are a lot of ad networks out there, and in some cases the the fill rates and monetization on a per user/per impression basis is quite disappointing. In this interview, Mike from the Moai team questions Ryan Morel (of PlacePlay) about the state of the mobile advertising space and innovations in the market.



- Mike.

At Zipline, we run a busy game studio as well as building the Moai platform. We know that successful games require great reviews, getting good reviews requires a great player experience, and ensuring a great player experience on all kinds of different devices and device OSs requires a lot of testing. We've learned a lot about testing since we started Zipline, and today we are announcing a partnership with AppThwack to help all Moai developers streamline their game testing on Android.

Appthwack logo

AppThwack is a great service for Android game devs who don't have access to a large QA department or device budget. Simply upload your Android APK and see it run on over 100 real, physical phones and tablets in a few minutes (no emulation here). You can detect screen layout issues, crashes and other problems immediately. You can also instrument your APK via Robotium if you want to script more in-depth testing.

Using AppThwack, even the smallest studio can test their game for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional manual testing, and there are special rates for indie developers.

Sound useful?  You can sign up for a free AppThwack account here. Let us know what you think in the Moai forums.

If you've wanted to see a neutral third party review and comparison of the Lua game development platforms available, the Game From Scratch blog has posted a "Battle of the Lua Game Engines" review covering Moai vs. Corona, LÖVE, and Gideros.

While Moai gets called out on being more difficult than some alternatives (as price for flexibility) and needing better documentation, the summary says it all:

"[Moai] supports the most targets of all the libraries, has complete source code, and more importantly, the source code is very well written and very easy to read."

"For a commercial product for iOS/Android, I would select Moai. The API is a natural fit to my coding style ( I prefer flexibility over accessibility for time critical code ) and the C++ source code is a great boon to me, but to a non-C++ programmer, this would obviously be less important. Also of course, the price is nice. Most importantly, the open nature means I know I will never encounter a problem that I can’t code my way out of, the biggest downside to Corona."

Thanks to Game From Scratch for a fair evaluation from a developer's perspective.