The Tapjoy Network has been a boon to mobile game developers for a long time now, and lately they've released exciting news about their focus on mobile, their $5 million fund for Android and their latest fundraising.

We're thrilled to have Apsalar's analytics, behavioral targeting, and optimization available for all Moai games. They have a free service tier, and a rich feature set, so almost all Moai developers will want to take a look. Here's the formal announcement.

If you're working with the Moai beta, you may have noticed that Moai now includes a new open source audio library, UNTZ. We haven't posted a tutorial yet, but stay tuned.

We’re super excited to officially welcome Crimson, the first Bungie Aerospace title developed by Jordan Weisman’s newest studio, Harebrained Schemes. Crimson looks awesome and we can’t wait to start playing it.

Todd Hooper posted this morning on the Zipline Games blog. We're re-posting here because Moai is the reason Zipline Games was selected as a finalist. Demos and judging are in two weeks - cool!

- Mike.

Wow, Lua beat out both Javascript and Ruby to take the #10 spot in TIOBE's latest Programming Community Index. How is that possible given all the Internet companies, start-ups and web sites being coded up in Javascript and Ruby?

It was great meeting so many of you last night and walking through how to assemble games and game services with Moai. Thanks for all the questions too - we'll be sure to update the Moai documentation to covers them as we prepare for public beta.

Love the new Moai Cloud. How much simpler could it get?

Benn Bollay, who runs the Seattle Android Developers Meetup Group is helping us put on a Moai Platform Deep Dive for four hours the evening of May 26th.

Just wanted to post here what we tweeted this morning: Todd and Mike will be building games this weekend at Startup Weekend in Seattle, and that several of us from Zipline will be at LOGIN 2011 from May 16-18th and would love to meet up. Reach out if you'd like to learn about Moai, join us at one of these events, or just hang out. Mike.

Behold the mighty god of the build:

If you're a mobile developer in the Seattle area, meet the Moai team this Saturday at the AT&T Mobile App Hack-a-thon (