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The Zipline Games Studio just released their first game, Wolf Toss, simultaneously to iOS, Android, and Chrome (via NaCl).  The whole game was written in Lua using Moai by a small studio team with 2 programmers.  With three worlds to explore and 144 different levels to play across the various difficulty settings, the studio team was working hard on level design, game balance, and game art right up to release day.

We’ll get an interview posted soon, but right now the news sites are covering that and we’re just thrilled that “released for half a billion devices” and “made with Moai with 2 programmers” are the new standard for broad reach mobile games.

Check out the Wolf Toss Trailer Video and the Game page.  And download and play the game!

Interview with Josh Lytle, Game Director for Wolf Toss. Moai interview: Hi Josh. Why don’t you start by telling us how long you’ve been working with Lua?