A new game, "Invisible Inc.", by Klei Entertainment, publishers of Don't Starve, has come out of Early Access on Steam to a full release and stellar reviews:

"Take control of Invisible's agents in the field and infiltrate the world's most dangerous corporations. Stealth, precision, and teamwork are essential in high-stakes, high-profit missions, where every move may cost an agent their life."

The game is nominated for IGF Excellence in Design award and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize:

Of interest to MOAI tinkerers is Lua source code found in the deliverable of the game packaging, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Their game forums are rife with hacker activity:

Check it out on Steam, or on their website:

Don't Be Patchman was picked out by Kickstarter and awarded a Staff Pick!

You can see the official Tweet about it here:

The project aims to direct ten percent of crowdfunds to opensource development tools such as:

You can back this project during March 2015 by pledging on Kickstarter or voting on Steam Greenlight.

To help people get started who don't want to compile the latest source code,
here is a compiled version of the desktop hosts for MOAI 1.5.2:


  • OSX SDL host
  • Linux SDL host
  • Windows SDL host (MinGW)

With all optional modules enabled (including LuaJIT).  People have been asking for the desktop binaries to quickly start prototyping or to play with the samples.  Halfnelson has generously built and released these on github.  A binary SDK release will follow.

Elevate was selected App of the Year for 2014 by Apple. From the developer: "Just wanted to throw it out there that we built the games in the app with MOAI, and we're super grateful to have had it as the foundation of our cross-platform tech stack for games."

This is being reported by major news outlets:

Big credit to MOAI and its tough community!

We are discontinuing support for Moai Cloud at the end of this month (August 2013). If you need help or a migration plan for your projects, please contact us.

Moai SDK will continue to be available as an open source project.