If you're working with the Moai beta, you may have noticed that Moai now includes a new open source audio library, UNTZ. We haven't posted a tutorial yet, but stay tuned.

The UNTZ library was designed to offer everything mobile developers need to easily add cross-platform audio management and playback support to their projects. As a central component of the Moai framework, UNTZ will be continually updated as new platforms & devices are added to the SDK. The Moai open-source license ensures that developers have the freedom & flexibility to use and extend the library as needed for their projects. UNTZ was developed by Retronyms. Retronyms' background as a developer of high-performance music apps like Rebirth, FourTrack, StudioTrack and DopplerPad, and innovative mobile games like Dokobots and Seek n' Spell, made them an obvious choice to develop the audio framework to Moai, and we're thrilled to offer the UNTZ library now as part of the Moai Platform. Please let us know what you think, and post your audio library wishlist items in the forums.