Moai Developers: hopefully you’ve all noticed that over the last several weeks the forums have been more active than ever and the Moai platform updates are coming out even more frequently than before.  There are pretty simple reasons behind this: more and more developers are starting new game projects with Moai and we’ve expanded our platform team to keep up with the demand.

Notable stats:

  • There are now over 3000 Moai developers, and hundreds more are signing up each week
  • Developers are actively working on new titles with Moai at several of the biggest and most well known game companies on Earth
  • We’ve released 4 updates to Moai in the last 5 weeks, and we’re looking forward to announcing the end of our Beta period fairly soon

Please keep asking questions, sending us your feedback, asking for the features you’d like to see and contributing to the Moai development community.  You are a big part of what makes Moai great.

Oh, and stay tuned for news about Zipline’s first in-house game release.