Developer Andreas Löw's TexturePacker is a tool for automatically combining image files into sprite sheets and generating reference files that detail where each image is on the sheet, for easy integration into your game projects. The latest version of TexturePacker supports the creation of .lua files for use with the Moai platform.

TexturePacker is currently available for Mac, Linux and Windows at Code'n'Web. The Essential version of the software is free, and for a modest fee you can upgrade to Pro, which supports advanced features like image optimization and advanced layout algorithms for getting the most image data into the smallest files. TexturePacker couldn't be easier to use; Just click Add Sprites to pull images from anywhere on your computer, select your layout algorithm and your output format, then click Publish. Even easier is the import of a complete directory tree.

TexturePacker screen working with Moai samples You can integrate TexturePacker‘s command line tool into your build process so that your sprite sheets are automatically updated with any new images each time you build, and the Pro version has lots of nifty features like batch conversion, PVR export for iPhone, color reduction with dithering.

TexturePacker and the Lua file it exports for Moai Thanks to Andreas Low and Code'n'Web for creating another powerful game development tool for use with the Moai SDK.