Reflections on the Moai beta launch, by Todd Hooper

It's been a busy month in the Zipline offices, and we are excited to be moving into beta starting tomorrow. If you've signed up with our beta request form or joined one of our mailing lists in the past several weeks, stay tuned, we'll be sending out special instructions to developers as we open slots in the beta every few days.

Our vision for Moai is a thriving community of game developers making great games using the best mobile platform available and sharing their knowledge and success with one another. To make that a reality, we need your help. We’re just opened our developer club house, and we're going to keep working at it to make it great. We ask you to come hang out, work on your games, and talk to each other. Give us your feedback on Moai and what you want to see it do next. Ask for help on the game you’re working on. Most of all, enjoy yourself. Questions? Check out the Moai FAQ page, or look through the first few posts in the Moai forums.