With a new Moai SDK release around the corner, we are moving internally to a continuous development model. Here's what to keep in mind:

  • The moai-beta repository on Github is going away. We're not going to push to it any more and will eventually put a bullet in it. If you've forked this repository, you should switch to moai-dev.
  • We will be merging our features into moai-dev/master as we work. Whenever we check in to moai-dev/master our build server kicks off. It builds everything, including the binary SDK. If the build succeeds, three things will happen automatically: the 'latest' version of the binary SDK on the download page will be updated, the 'latest' docs (getmoai.com/docs/latest) will be updated and the moai-dev/master branch will be tagged.
  • The 'latest' SDK and the build-tagged commit on modei-dev/master may not be stable. The only thing we will know is that they built (and have passed any unit tests we've set up).  We have an automated testing framework in place and will be relying on that to reduce regressions, etc.
  • From time to time we will promote the contents of moai-dev/master into an official release. Our process for deciding if a release is ready is basically to build our own games with the candidate and see how they perform. When we promote the candidate, the binary SDK is simply copied and renamed, the official docs are updated and moai-dev/master is tagged with the release.
  • If you want to send us a pull request, the place to do it is moai-dev/master. We will try to be more responsive to these than we have in the past.

As always, feedback is welcome. And thanks for all your patience and support! It's a long road to process maturity but we feel like this is a huge step in the right direction for Moai.