You can easily duplicate your application to another path in the Moai Cloud service. This is convenient for testing and staging new changes to your cloud applications without interrupting user access.

In order to publish your application to another application, you will need to have two applications; the original and the new, staging application. For ease, we’re going to duplicate our Hello Tutorial application to a new application called Hello Tutorial Staging.

Now that we have both our applications, it’s time to copy. Click on the “Edit” button of your original application.

On the Edit Properties screen, you should notice a “Publish Application” drop down menu. Select the staging application and click Publish.

You will be given a warning confirmation screen. Publishing your original application to a new application will completely overwrite the new application, so make sure that you selected the right one; you don’t want to accidentally delete a perfectly good application.

And you’re done! You have now created a duplicate of your original application, allowing you to test away on your staging application without fear of ruining the experience for your customers.