Crimson: Steam Pirates is in the iPad app store today and already has 146 ratings and a 5-star average. Download it today and play through the free 8 missions for free!

"Plumes of black smoke fill the blue Caribbean sky as Thomas Blood’s pirate fleet steams ahead—over, above, and below the waves. Command your fleet and your Steampunk crew using an elegant action interface. Crimson: Steam Pirate’s turn-based gameplay provides an addicting mixture of strategy and action as you anticipate your enemies’ moves and counter them, luring them into a deadly hail of weapons fire while uncovering the mystery brewing in the Caribbean."

The meta-game for the Moai community: be the first to track down in-game portraits of members of the Moai team (e.g. Patrick, Todd, Mike - or our other team members that will require a little extra sleuthing on your part): and post those photos to our forums with the person's name and where you found them in game and we'll send you a cool Moai T-shirt.