Interview with Hillary Esdaile (Artist) and Steven Rynders (Animator/scripter), with thoughts from Patrick Meehan, Zipline's CTO.

Moai interview: How did you come up with the idea for Chronosaur?

Hillary: actually, we were at lunch, and someone was saying something totally unrelated to video games, and Steve heard “Chronosaur.” The word just gave us a picture of a dinosaur rampaging through time – which was really cool, so that idea dominated the rest of our lunch conversation.

Steven: It was much more interesting than whatever we had been talking about. The name ‘Chronosaur’ seemed to resonate with a discussion I’d had months before, and that became sort of a starting point for this new conversation.

Patrick: Ever since I was at Nintendo, it seems that all the good stuff – the stuff that gets you 4 star reviews instead of 3 – comes up at lunch. I guess the moral is "don't skip lunch." But seriously, this is the kind of creative process that drove me to build Moai. I wanted to make it possible for game developers and designers to go have a crazy conversation at lunch, then come back and get those new ideas working in the game by the end of the day.

Moai interview: OK, so you found a cool concept and you decided to build Chronosaur. What did you have to do first?

Steven: We had to define the play. What kind of game will this be? We wanted it to be a rampage game. So we need to be able to smash things, have them break up.

Hillary: We also had to explore the setting. It was funny to picture a T-Rex in different time periods of world history. Basically any time period from the Jurassic to the far future was our playground. T-Rex in Rome! T-Rex vs. Sherlock Holmes!

Moai interview: T-Rex vs. Sherlock Holmes… who wins?

Hillary: the T-Rex wins.

Early dinosaur sketches and color explorations

Early dinosaur sketches and color explorations

Art of dinosaur running with a full background

Full color setting and dinosaur

Moai interview: Who’s working on the game now? And how do you divide the work?

Hillary: There are three of us. Steve and I are both artists, but I’m doing most of the character and background art for this game, and Steve is doing more animation and some scripting. Jon is doing most of the game scripting. We all collaborate on the design doc.

Moai interview: Has it been fun so far?

Both: Yes!

Steven: But I think it’s going to get really busy soon.

Hillary: Yes, I’ll be wearing out my tablet creating all the art assets! Coming up next in the Chronosaur Developer Diary: New stuff every day.