...so we made Slots Tycoon and launched it today! We think Slots Tycoon has the highest production values of any slot machine game in any of the app stores today, and we know players love it already because reviews are averaging over 4 stars.

We expect great things from Slots Tycoon, and for good reasons. We've built in all the supporting services a modern mobile game needs and have been monitoring the game's performance as we tuned it for 8 weeks in a single geography prior to this launch. Slots Tycoon makes use of very detailed analytics, social gifting and invitation features, player re-engagement features, app performance monitoring, and customer support tools through Moai Cloud, and Moai partner services ApSalar and Crittercism. We already know the game makes a healthy ARPDAU, has high player retention, and crashes at a rate of less than 0.2% across all iOS and Android devices.

We're really excited about this launch, both because Slots Tycoon is a great casino game that players are enjoying, and also because once again, our small, focused studio team has been able to use Moai SDK and Moai Cloud to sim-ship a top-rated mobile game on both iOS and Android with everything the game needs to be an ongoing source of player entertainment and studio revenue.

Try your luck in Slots Tycoon today, and let us know what you think!

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