The Moai team just wrapped up a great session in the Android developer sandbox at Google I/O 2012. Thanks to everyone who came and said hello, talked about games and Moai. We were also showing sneak peeks of some new Moai features coming in the next few months and some of the games Zipline has been working on. And of course everyone has been playing Strikefleet Omega!

Team Moai in the Android Sandbox at Google I/O 2012

Google had a slew of great announcements at I/O, including the gorgeous Nexus 7 tablet, which sets a new bar for Android tablet design and performance, and Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean. Getting hands on with Android 4.1 showed that Google has done some great work on performance optimization that is directly relevant to game development, and we noticed  existing Moai games play smoother and better on Android 4.1. We'll be writing more on that topic soon, but the good news is that Google is more serious about games on Android than ever.

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Part of the massive Android floor at Google I/O 2012