In this article I’ll talk about the Moai dependency graph architecture and the action tree. There's a lot to discuss on the way to fully understanding the best way to do animation and manage game objects in Moai. Please bear with me through this fairly under-the-hood discussion of how Moai works - I'll show you how to use that knowledge to organize your animation data next time.

Benn Bollay, who runs the Seattle Android Developers Meetup Group is helping us put on a Moai Platform Deep Dive for four hours the evening of May 26th.

Just wanted to post here what we tweeted this morning: Todd and Mike will be building games this weekend at Startup Weekend in Seattle, and that several of us from Zipline will be at LOGIN 2011 from May 16-18th and would love to meet up. Reach out if you'd like to learn about Moai, join us at one of these events, or just hang out. Mike.

Looks like we had a bug sneak in when I added my Objective-C categories to support the iPhone project. I was aware of the linking problem with static libraries and categories, and the -ObjC linker flag appeared to fix the problem, at least in the environment I tested it in. Unfortunately, I've received bug reports from users and after testing it under Xcode 3 found the same - unrecognized selector in spite of the -ObjC linker flag.

Interview with Jonathan Winkler, Tech Lead on Chronosaur.

We added some new features per forum requests. There's a preliminary version of MOAIImage; more to come. It's now possible to pad non power or 2 images to power of 2 on load. There's also a new event mix-in class to provide a more unified way to bind events to callbacks. Right now, only the action stop even is exposed, but more can be added; just send us your requests.

In this series of articles I'll give you an introduction to Moai and a quick tour of some of the nuts and bolts.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of learning a more flexible and open framework then you presumably want better performance and/or the opportunity to customize and innovate, even down to writing custom assembly language if you need to. It can be a lot of work, but when you have a mission critical feature to ship or a performance hitch you have to fix, there’s nothing quite like having under-the-hood access to your system.

Behold the mighty god of the build:

Push notification for iPhone added to latest release. There's a first pass of push notification in the latest beta release. There's also an iPhone specific AKU binding. Check out the iPhone sample to see how it's used. I just tested it out with Urban Airship and it works a treat.

- Patrick

If you're a mobile developer in the Seattle area, meet the Moai team this Saturday at the AT&T Mobile App Hack-a-thon (

Game developers from around the world are signing up for Moai.

Reflections on the Moai beta launch, by Todd Hooper

Interview with Hillary Esdaile (Artist) and Steven Rynders (Animator/scripter), with thoughts from Patrick Meehan, Zipline's CTO.