Moai Cloud Lua Environment

UPDATED: 8/26/11 More up to date information on the Moai Cloud Lua Environment can be found on our wiki.

Getting Started with Moai Cloud

This blog post assumes basic familiarity with web application development, HTTP and Lua.

A tutorial series about Moai basics... Today in our Moai Basics Tutorial, we’re going to get started with the Moai Cloud by deploying a application to it and then we will create a client to pull information from that application.

A tutorial series about Moai basics.

A tutorial series about Moai basics.

Props TutorialFor today’s tutorial, we’re going to touch on a few of the types of animations that you can apply towards a prop; move/seek Loc, Rot, Scl, and Color. For consistency throughout this tutorial, we will just use the same base chunk of code while only editing the last line. Talk about this tutorial in the forums!

Hello out there to everybody in the Moai world! My name's Andy, and I'll be creating and posting some basic game making tutorials for the Moai Platform. When Patrick asked me to create a good intro tutorial game, it took me about five minutes to come up with my concept. For simplicity's sake, I thought a game inspired by Atari's Missile Command would be the best way to showcase gameplay features like randomly spawning enemies, player input, explosions and a clear failure condition. Then at lunch that day we decided that it would be really funny if we used a lobster for the player's missile base. We were wrong about the comedy factor, but regardless, the lobster stayed.

Our latest beta release is available for download. There were quite a few bugs fixed in this one and some internal refactoring around MOAIProp. A few features and changes I’d like to highlight:

It was great meeting so many of you last night and walking through how to assemble games and game services with Moai. Thanks for all the questions too - we'll be sure to update the Moai documentation to covers them as we prepare for public beta.

Interview with Steven Rynders, Hillary Esdaile, and Jonathan Winkler from Chronosaur. Additional commentary by Patrick Meehan.

We just pushed out a new beta release. There are a lot of small bug fixes and incremental changes in addition to integration with OpenSSL. The latter turned out to be a bit more involved than anticipated and wound up taking up a good chunk out of last week. There's more coming soon: we've been putting the framework through its paces with both internal and external projects. Of course, bug reports and feature requests are welcome as always.

Interview with Josh Lytle, Game Director for Wolf Toss. Moai interview: Hi Josh. Why don’t you start by telling us how long you’ve been working with Lua?

Watch buildings break, people run, cars smash, and a sudden appearance by the helicopter!

Love the new Moai Cloud. How much simpler could it get?