The latest Moai SDK is now available for download. For this 1.3 release, we have new features, bug fixes and we have brought Android closer to feature parity with iOS.

MOAISim.setTraceback saw a lot of attention, which will allow for better error reporting. We've also got improved Crittercism crash reporting with Lua stack traces and support for the Facebook SDK 3.0 on iOS.

A special thanks to Moai contributors markusFisch, mirsadm, tommo, shanehyde, franciscotufro, and sgeos for their contributions to this latest release.

Coming up next for Moai SDK - support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 with Xcode 4.5.

Here are the highlights of the Moai 1.3 release.

  • Added MD5 Hash Writer to compute a hash of a stream as it writes
  • Added Crittercism crash reporting for Lua stack traces, See samples/util/util-crash-report
  • Fixed network reachability initialization on iOS
  • Fixed input bug with multiple presses in one 'Frame'
  • Android - Fixed incorrect accelerometer data on tablets
  • Android  - Added C-Ares ( Fixes DNS lookup blocking on HTTP calls )
  • Android  -Added MOAILocationSensor
  • Android - Added MOAICompassSensor
  • Android - Fixed status bar issues with 3.1 tablets
  • iOS - Updated Facebook SDK to 3.0
  • iOS - Updated Crittercism SDK
  • MOAIApp - Added getUTCTime to Mobile
  • MOAILayer - Fixed bugs where MOAILayer:setVisible had no effect
  • MOAIHttpTask - Added 'getProgress' function to HTTPTask for Curl
  • MOAIJsonParser - Fix for issue with 64bit ints
  • MOAIFmodEx fixes for 'setLooping'