Great news: 71squared’s Glyph Designer and Particle Designer tools now support the Moai Platform. These tools provide a first-class visual design experience on Mac for creating unique bitmap fonts and designing interesting particle effects.

With Glyph Designer, you can start with any font installed on your system, select just the characters you need for the game, and change the outline, fill, shadow, padding, and anti-aliasing to get the right look for your title. Glyph Designer’s exported test formats work with Moai, and texture atlases exported even support kerning as long as the original basis font supports kerning.

Glyph Desiger in action 

Using Particle Designer, you can explore example effects included with the tool and shared by other Particle Designer users for inspiration, then dig in to design the specific effect and particle graphics you need for your game. All adjustments are instantly visible in the always-on-screen particle effect simulator for instantaneous feedback. Particle Designer’s exported test formats work with Moai’s particle engine (a much easier way to tune your particle effects).

particle designer

If you’re using particles in your game and/or creating your own fonts – you should definitely take a look at these tools.


Open call for more tools support:

We’ve just created a new tools page on, and we’d love to help promote even more tools that work with Moai on the site and in the forums. Moai now has over 8000 developers and hundreds more are joining every week. If you know of a great development tool that should be featured here, or want some feedback on how to best integrate a tool with the Moai platform please contact us.