Finally!!! After about 4 months we have a new release!

We've been dealing with a lot internally, the studio had a lot of work to do with Slots but here we are.

The news are that I (Francisco Tufró) am going to be taking care of Moai SDK releases, pull requests and all things SDK.

What's new?

Since this release, we removed the sign up requirement for Moai SDK Download. So just head to our Downloads section and get the latest release.

We also added nightly builds, so you don't have to wait until an official release is done in order to try edge stuff. But keep in mind that nightly builds are extremely unstable.

Another thing that we're going to do from now on is to keep a file named CHANGELOG.txt in the root of the release package, it will include info about all the commits included in it and credits to the developers that collaborated.


  • Android Keyboard
  • Better Threading support
  • Offscreen frame-buffering

Directory structure

Even if there were no huge changes in the SDK I decided to bump to 1.4 because we changed the directory structure of releases.

The new structure is as follows:

bin/ Development binaries for Windows and MacOSX, Linux will be added soon
docs/ Documentation for this release and attribution images
hosts/ Source and IDE projects for the different platform's hosts
include/ Include headers
lib/ Compiled (static and/or dynamic) libraries for all the supported platforms
samples/ Moai SDK feature samples 

The main idea behind the changes was splitting the executable binaries from the libraries and also to give better naming to platforms (ant now is android for example).

Hope you enjoy this release and keep creating amazing games!

We love you! 


Version 1.4p0

by Patrick Meehan ( )
* Added setTerrainMask () to MOAIPathFinder; renamed setTerrainScale () to setTerrainWeight ()
* Some work has been done on threading. Check MOAIThread.
* added support for default texture; finished async load; samples for async texture load
  and default texture
* added support in MOAIDataBuffer to detect zip files, inflate on load; added inflate on load
  support to MOAIDataIOTask
* moai coding style guide in .doc format
* first phase of offscreen rendering architecture completed
* added setClearColor () to MOAILayer
* samples to test multiple viewports inside an offscreen buffer
* integrated sfmt random number generator
* Merged playnomi contribs to MOAIImage, MOAIImageTexture, MOAIParticleSystem and MOAIParticlePexPlugin

by Adam Villalobos ( )
* Adding GCM support ( replacing C2DM ) to Android host.
* Adding file not found log if a texture file fails to load
* Fixing build errors for DataTaskIO
* Fixing issue with setting visibility not properly updating dependencies
* Fixing bug with Font reloading on Android
* Added Android keyboard support

by John Copic ( )
* Adding sfmt lib to android build.

by JoakimBlomberg ( )
* Script node apply of attributes should unpack attribute id or it will not be applied

by Bogdan Tatarov ( )
* adding MOAIUnitzSound::_getFilename()

by mxttie ( )
* updated box2d physics sample adding mouse manipulation using mouse joint

by Tommo Zhou ( )
* fix edge case that new-created-paused action cannot receive further update
* fix: MOAIImageTexture not override OnInvalidate

by Antonio ( )
* Initial Camera Support for iOS

by sporksmith ( )
* Log file-open failures

by Clement Farabet ( )
* Fixed VSYNC issue for OSX host.
* Added missing files to iOS (XCode) project.

by Francisco Tufro ( )
* Several fixes in build systems for all platforms
* New release script in bin/distribute

by Stephen Belanger ( )
* Recommended to enable this with C-Ares

by Ben Borowski ( )
* Adds call to FMOD update to iOS sample project.

by Robert Wahler ( )
* GlutHost will run "main.lua" if host binary is called without arguments
* add Lua global 'arg' that mimics the lua/luajit built-in global 'arg' to GlutHost

by Alexey Zankevich ( )
* MOAIJsonParser fix - checking if lua number is integer has been added
* Fixed MOAIEnvironment.screenDpi nil issue for Android
* Fixed MOAIEnvironment.screenDpi nil issue for iOS host

by Seebs ( )
* Clarify description of textbox color escapes, fixing one typo and reducing confusion
  between number of bits and number of values represented.
* Terser output
* add (untested) support for controlling GL blend equations.

by ChairGraveyard ( )
* Add support for collideConnected flag to MOAIBox2DWorld::_addRopeJoint

by out-of-pixel ( )
* Fixed last Key Error from MOAIAnimCurve

by superquadratic ( )
* Fix Clang 4.2 (Xcode 4.6) Compiler Warnings