We are very pleased to announce that Moai Cloud has moved out of beta and is now at version 1.0. When you first login to your dashboard the first thing you'll notice is the new look, but the changes go much deeper than that. They include:

  • Access to 5 Moai Direct services
  • Vastly improved logging support
  • Detailed Metrics and System Monitoring
  • Easy integration of admin dashboards for your services
  • Protect and secure your services with Client Keys and API Secrets
  • Transparent Ops including horizontal scaling, OS management, hot standby servers & backups

Moai Direct Services: Bring Deeper Player Engagment to Your Game, Today.

Imagine your mobile games with rich new features for a persistent player experience, a more vibrant player community, and the capabilities you need to re-engage players with news, new content, special offers, contests, and more. You could build all this in-house but why do that when we've already built it for you.

The Moai Direct service are lua service built ontop of Moai Cloud. Everything they do you can do with your own services. They are written in lua, run within our sandbox ontop of our platform. The only difference between them and your services is that we wrote them. Since they are built on the Moai Cloud platform, not only were they fast for us to write but they benefit from all the features of Moai Cloud like auto-scaling, monitoring and metrics. They are designed to make your life easier by providing basic building blocks that you need to develop your game.

To add a Moai Direct service you'll need to first create a client key. Once the key is created you can add as many Moai Direct services as you like. You can read more about client keys and Moai Direct services in our documentation.

The current set of Moai Direct services include:


The Notifications service brings all the power of Apple Push Notifications and Android's Cloud to Device Messaging to Moai Cloud and your games. Through both a REST api and a dashboard plugin you can subscribe users and push notifications directly to them.


The Collections service makes it incredible easy to add cloud based storage of your data to your game. The Collections service exposes a REST api to your data making it available everywhere across mobile devices, desktop, websites and the cloud.


The Achievements service helps you increase user retention and engagement. Through a REST api and a dashboard plugin you can define achievements for your game, record user progress against them and keep you users playing your game longer.


The Leaderboard services makes it trivially easy for you to integrate a global leaderboard into your game. Let iOS users compete against Android users and see how they stack up on the Leaderboard. Through a REST api and a dashboard plugin you can set up and manage everything you need.

News Ticker

The News Ticker service lets you broadcast messages to your users and associate actions with the messages. With this service you can keep you users up to date with in game news or drive users to new and exciting parts of your game.

Moai Logging

For the 1.0 release we did a lot of work below the scenes that you'll never see, but one area that I'm excited to let you know about is our new logging support. When writing any server based app visibility into it's performance is always critically important but hard to do as you scale up your servers. Our new logging service solves that problem for you. We'll automatically log all the basics for you like log level, file name, line number and timestamp. We'll aggregate your logs and make them searchable. We'll even let you download your logs to s3 for long term storage and anaylsis. Even better, we'll log every request to your service, and exception your service encounters and any slow queries your service may issue. All critical information to help you write the best backend for your game.

To access your logs click through to your service in the dashboard and then click 'View logs"

Moai Metrics & Monitoring

With the 1.0 release we've just scratched the service of what we can do with monitoring. We've instrumented every layer of our stack and exposed it to you on our cloud status page. We've instrumented our sandbox and expose how your service performs in your dashboard. Soon we're going to expose a complete metrics api that will make it simple for you to get detailed information about the performance of your services. What we've release with 1.0 is just a start, but it's a feature I'm really proud of.

You can view the request counts and latency for your service in your dashboard. We'll be expanding on our metrics offering soon.

Moai Dashboard Plugins

Backend services are great, but often you need a way to control them. Luckily we've built that right into Moai Cloud. By setting up dashboard plugins on your service you can easily integrate admin dashboards right into the Moai Cloud dashboard so you can control your services data from the sae place you develop, monitor and deploy it!

To learn more about Moai Dashboard plugins read about them in our documentation.

Client Keys and API Secrets

You service is yours, your data is yours, protect it by protecting your API. We've made this easy by baking client keys and API secrets directly into Moai Cloud. Now you can identify the caller of an API by their client key, automatically reject non-authenticated callers and verify the authenticity of requests with an API secret. You can get all this for free on the backend just by checking a box

Transparent Ops

I probably shouldn't have left this one for last since it's the most important, but least visible. Here at Zipline we've worked long and hard to architect Moai Cloud in such a way that you don't need to think about Operations at all. You don't have to worry about patching servers, rebuilding them when a disk goes out, setting up RAID drives or backing up data. You don't need to think about adding new application servers or blocking rogue ip addresses. We do all that for you. Automatically. All Day and all night. We love it, we think it's awesome and it's something you don't have to think about with Moai Cloud, you can instead think about your game.

We're very proud of this 1.0 release. We know there is still a lot to do to make you game development as easy and productive as possible. We are focused on that goal. Hopefully you are as pleased with this release as we are if you are, aren't or have ideas for things you'd love for us to implement please come talk to us in our forums or provide some feedback.