Waiting every hour of every day for a new MOAI blog post?  Wait no longer!

Good news comes this time around with the announcement of a community release.  Version 1.5 is now in the git repository.  This version brings significant changes, a lot of improvements, and a slew of features.

Feature merge from Zipline:

  • Massive rework of the garbage collection system to simplify object tracking
  • Reworking of the AKU Modules API
  • New SDL host to complement the GLUT host
  • A flag to MOAIAction to disable auto-stop on no children

A New Build System:

  • The CMake build system that was in place for the linux and blackberry hosts was extened to include all hosts
  • Luajit support was added to all platforms (via cmake scripts)
  • create-project-* scripts were created that allows you to generate vs2008->vs2013 and xcode project files.
  • Changes to a project can be recorded once in the relevant cmake script and all platforms should work instead of maintaining 6+ build configs
  • Plugin support was added for installing modules which are outside the moai sdk (other repos) [More]
  • Custom host support was added for compiling a host outside of the repo [More]
  • Support for compiling with Ming-w64 for a completely open source experience on Windows (no more vcruntime to distribute)

Additional Features:

  • Vector Pathfinding (MOAIVecPathGraph)
  • Box2D Closest Raycast Exposure
  • Twitter support in android
  • MOAIShader was enhanced with the 4x4 matrix and given access to UNIFORM_WORLD_VIEW
  • A faster and smoother android host with working keyboard support.
  • MOAISafariIOS is now MOAIBrowserIOS and MOAIBrowserAndroid added
  • Visibility can now be inherited!
  • Google Play Services
  • Updated Tapjoy and Vungle
  • MOAISim showCursor and hideCursor support
  • Documentation improvements
  • Chartboost for IOS and android
  • You can now EnqueueJoystickEvent from the host.
  • New HTML/JS host based on emscripten


  • Android logging support repaired
  • VFS works correctly on all platforms
  • A heap of lua stack overflows
  • Fixes to JSON parser and encoder
  • Textbox string bounds calculations fixed
  • PVR support working now


Clone MOAI here: https://github.com/moai/moai-dev

Additional/updated info available here: https://github.com/moai/moai-dev/wiki/Whats-New-in-1.5

Forum Discussion: http://getmoai.com/forums/what-s-new-in-1-5-t2541/

Thanks to Users:

  • patrick - contributed a huge chunk of code
  • halfnelson - merged 1.5 via moaiforge, built moaicli
  • makotok - maintained the github repository
  • joshua_jandyco - added luajit support
  • and many many more

News and Notes:

While there are still a few hitches and minor glitches, 1.5 is ready for your app/game, but you will have to use git to get it.  Still to come is a packaged archive with precompiled hosts, which we will announce again here when ready.

Don't forget to join us in our forums and on #moai chat on FreeNode IRC!

Next up: we are compiling a list of the latest games made with MOAI!  :)