Hi everybody! We're applying to this year's Google Summer of Code, in search of new members that will join the community and help the project.

Here is a list of ideas for the potential projects:

  • Better documentation: Documentation in Moai SDK is hard to read and not always correct. We need to review the whole framework's docs, create samples that are missing and update the existing ones.
  • Unified build system: Maintaining a lot of different build systems for each platform has become a probem. We would like to have something like cmake creating projects for the different systems.
  • 3D framework: Right now 3D support is really small, we need to create a unified way to work with models, create model import classes, and usual 3D stuff.
  • New audio framework: Untz, our current audio framework, is far from ideal, so we need a new one. 

Hope you like these ideas and join us!!!