You may have noticed that it's been three weeks since our last Moai binary SDK release and wondered what we've been up to. Well, lots - we have plenty of bug fixes, documentation and new hotness that we're eager to release to Moai developers. But there’s one thing we had to tackle first - our build infrastructure.

We've spent the last several weeks assembling and configuring a monster build server to ensure that Moai has state-of-the-art build support going forward. We've added continuous integration builds, turned on warnings as errors in most projects, added automated nightly builds and fully automated the production of our binary SDK. Over time, we'll add automated unit and build verification tests and static analysis where it makes sense.

What does this mean for Moai developers? It means that we're going to be able to produce binary SDK updates more frequently, more easily and more consistently. It also helps to reduce the risk of adding new features and functionality to the SDK and thereby will improve and stabilize the quality of the binary SDK. In short, it's going to allow us to raise the bar for the quality of the software we produce.

So, thanks for your patience while we finish getting our house in order and be on the lookout for a new binary SDK built by our new monster build server soon!