At Zipline, we run a busy game studio as well as building the Moai platform. We know that successful games require great reviews, getting good reviews requires a great player experience, and ensuring a great player experience on all kinds of different devices and device OSs requires a lot of testing. We've learned a lot about testing since we started Zipline, and today we are announcing a partnership with AppThwack to help all Moai developers streamline their game testing on Android.

Appthwack logo

AppThwack is a great service for Android game devs who don't have access to a large QA department or device budget. Simply upload your Android APK and see it run on over 100 real, physical phones and tablets in a few minutes (no emulation here). You can detect screen layout issues, crashes and other problems immediately. You can also instrument your APK via Robotium if you want to script more in-depth testing.

Using AppThwack, even the smallest studio can test their game for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional manual testing, and there are special rates for indie developers.

Sound useful?  You can sign up for a free AppThwack account here. Let us know what you think in the Moai forums.