Waiting every hour of every day for a new MOAI blog post?  Wait no longer!

Good news comes this time around with the announcement of a community release.  Version 1.5 is now in the git repository.  This version brings significant changes, a lot of improvements, and a slew of features.

Feature merge from Zipline:

  • Massive rework of the garbage collection system to simplify object tracking
  • Reworking of the AKU Modules API
  • New SDL host to complement the GLUT host
  • A flag to MOAIAction to disable auto-stop on no children

A New Build System:

  • The CMake build system that was in place for the linux and blackberry hosts was extened to include all hosts
  • Luajit support was added to all platforms (via cmake scripts)
  • create-project-* scripts were created that allows you to generate vs2008->vs2013 and xcode project files.
  • Changes to a project can be recorded once in the relevant cmake script and all platforms should work instead of maintaining 6+ build configs
  • Plugin support was added for installing modules which are outside the moai sdk (other repos) [More]
  • Custom host support was added for compiling a host outside of the repo [More]
  • Support for compiling with Ming-w64 for a completely open source experience on Windows (no more vcruntime to distribute)

Additional Features:

  • Vector Pathfinding (MOAIVecPathGraph)
  • Box2D Closest Raycast Exposure
  • Twitter support in android
  • MOAIShader was enhanced with the 4x4 matrix and given access to UNIFORM_WORLD_VIEW
  • A faster and smoother android host with working keyboard support.
  • MOAISafariIOS is now MOAIBrowserIOS and MOAIBrowserAndroid added
  • Visibility can now be inherited!
  • Google Play Services
  • Updated Tapjoy and Vungle
  • MOAISim showCursor and hideCursor support
  • Documentation improvements
  • Chartboost for IOS and android
  • You can now EnqueueJoystickEvent from the host.
  • New HTML/JS host based on emscripten


  • Android logging support repaired
  • VFS works correctly on all platforms
  • A heap of lua stack overflows
  • Fixes to JSON parser and encoder
  • Textbox string bounds calculations fixed
  • PVR support working now


Clone MOAI here: https://github.com/moai/moai-dev

Additional/updated info available here: https://github.com/moai/moai-dev/wiki/Whats-New-in-1.5

Forum Discussion: http://getmoai.com/forums/what-s-new-in-1-5-t2541/

Thanks to Users:

  • patrick - contributed a huge chunk of code
  • halfnelson - merged 1.5 via moaiforge, built moaicli
  • makotok - maintained the github repository
  • joshua_jandyco - added luajit support
  • and many many more

News and Notes:

While there are still a few hitches and minor glitches, 1.5 is ready for your app/game, but you will have to use git to get it.  Still to come is a packaged archive with precompiled hosts, which we will announce again here when ready.

Don't forget to join us in our forums and on #moai chat on FreeNode IRC!

Next up: we are compiling a list of the latest games made with MOAI!  :)


Moai Fiddle is an HTML5 interactive code editor.  If you have used jsfiddle before the usage is similar. Just type your Moai code in the editor window and click play. You will see the result on the right.  Underneath the player is the console. Anything typed into this will be executed within the currently running player as Lua code.  On the left is the virtual filesystem, currently a bunch of files from the Moai samples for your script to reference and a copy of the Flower library.


This plugin has been developed solely by the Moai community, thanks to user 'halfnelson', and illustrates the portable power of Moai: write-once, run-a-lot-of-places!  Join the discussion in our forums!