The Moron Test Game Play The Moron Test Game Play

Team Moai: Hi Berkeley!  Please take a minute to introduce yourself and your company.

Berkeley: Sure.  We're a small video game company of 5 people.  We're hiring too! We released The Moron Test in April, 2009 and it became a #1 game.  Since then, we've been keeping the franchise going with more content and new versions of the game on different platforms.


Team Moai: The Moron Test has been a huge hit - one of the most installed mobile apps ever. What numbers can you share with us?

Berkeley: Apple showed it recently as #11 in their all time most-downloaded list.  We have over 25 million installs for the franchise.

Horns and Halos Intro Screen

Harebrained Schemes, the developer of the hit mobile game Crimson: Steam Pirates, released another mobile app made with Moai earlier this month: Horns & Halos PhotoboothHorns & Halos Photobooth gives people a fun way to "photograph the inner angel and demon in everyone" and then share their creations with the world. 

Congrats to Harebrained Schemes.  Over here on the Moai team we love to see cool ideas like this turned into polished mobile apps and released out into the wild.

The Moai team got great news today as the snow fell in Seattle: Moai was selected as one of the 2011 Open Source Rookies of the Year by Black Duck Software.  We see the open source nature of Moai as a huge advantage for game developers, many of whom have hit a wall or been stuck waiting at some point in the past with a closed source engine.  The ability to add your own platform features or change the way the platform works to make the game you want on your own timeline is great for game quality and it's great for developer piece of mind, too.  It's usually those "unknown unknowns" that throw a schedule off, and open-source is the escape valve that helps you deal with them efficiently.

Thanks to Black Duck for the Rookie of the Year honor, and thanks to the Moai developer community for your regular input and contributions that have helped make Moai into something great.


GDC logo

Headed to GDC in San Francisco the week of March 5th? Let's get together to talk Moai and games. Moai team members will be at lunch on Weds, March 7th to answer questions, ooh and ahh over game demos, and explain how things work in Moai.  We'll also be in and around the show for four days straight.

If you're interested in meeting up for lunch, post in the forum thread. Want to meet the Moai team at a different place / time or have us crash your killer GDC party?  Email us at "contactus" @ "ziplinegames" dot "com."

- Mike.

It's been a busy January at Zipline Games. In addition to the Moai platform and community growing by leaps and bounds as we get close to our 1.0 launch, our in-house title Wolf Toss now has over 1 million players and a 4.5 star user review average across Android, iOS, and the Chrome Web Store. As part of the success of Wolf Toss, we want to share our experience from the launch to help other Moai developers. Mike has started a Gamasutra-featured blog series on the topic, and I've just shared some of our top takeaways on MobileDevHQ.  Here's an excerpt of the good stuff from that article: