Learn to develop iOS applications: Where do I start?

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Learn to develop iOS applications: Where do I start?

Postby Susandaigle23 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:16 am

Are you thinking about learning to program for iOS? Maybe you have spent some time thinking about the possibility of getting involved in mobile development because your boss asks you to do it, or that good customer of your company wants your salesmen to work armed with iPhones and iPads and needs to create their own app to take orders

Or maybe you have already developed apps for Android or Windows Phone and want to adapt your apps for iOS because you have heard that they are the users who spend more money on apps.

What the hell, or for the simple geek pleasure of learning to develop on a new platform.

Whatever your reasons, you will probably have your dudillas: What do I need to program for iOS? Where do I start taking the first steps? Is there work as an iOS developer? What iOS course can I do?

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