A new game, "Invisible Inc.", by Klei Entertainment, publishers of Don't Starve, has come out of Early Access on Steam to a full release and stellar reviews:

"Take control of Invisible's agents in the field and infiltrate the world's most dangerous corporations. Stealth, precision, and teamwork are essential in high-stakes, high-profit missions, where every move may cost an agent their life."

The game is nominated for IGF Excellence in Design award and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize:

Of interest to MOAI tinkerers is Lua source code found in the deliverable of the game packaging, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Their game forums are rife with hacker activity:

Check it out on Steam, or on their website:

Don't Be Patchman was picked out by Kickstarter and awarded a Staff Pick!

You can see the official Tweet about it here:

The project aims to direct ten percent of crowdfunds to opensource development tools such as:

You can back this project during March 2015 by pledging on Kickstarter or voting on Steam Greenlight.

Elevate was selected App of the Year for 2014 by Apple. From the developer: "Just wanted to throw it out there that we built the games in the app with MOAI, and we're super grateful to have had it as the foundation of our cross-platform tech stack for games."

This is being reported by major news outlets:

Big credit to MOAI and its tough community!

To help people get started who don't want to compile the latest source code,
here is a compiled version of the desktop hosts for MOAI 1.5.2:


  • OSX SDL host
  • Linux SDL host
  • Windows SDL host (MinGW)

With all optional modules enabled (including LuaJIT).  People have been asking for the desktop binaries to quickly start prototyping or to play with the samples.  Halfnelson has generously built and released these on github.  A binary SDK release will follow.

Moai Fiddle is an HTML5 interactive code editor.  If you have used jsfiddle before the usage is similar. Just type your Moai code in the editor window and click play. You will see the result on the right.  Underneath the player is the console. Anything typed into this will be executed within the currently running player as Lua code.  On the left is the virtual filesystem, currently a bunch of files from the Moai samples for your script to reference and a copy of the Flower library.


This plugin has been developed solely by the Moai community, thanks to user 'halfnelson', and illustrates the portable power of Moai: write-once, run-a-lot-of-places!  Join the discussion in our forums!

Waiting every hour of every day for a new MOAI blog post?  Wait no longer!

Good news comes this time around with the announcement of a community release.  Version 1.5 is now in the git repository.  This version brings significant changes, a lot of improvements, and a slew of features.

Feature merge from Zipline:

  • Massive rework of the garbage collection system to simplify object tracking
  • Reworking of the AKU Modules API
  • New SDL host to complement the GLUT host
  • A flag to MOAIAction to disable auto-stop on no children

A New Build System:

  • The CMake build system that was in place for the linux and blackberry hosts was extened to include all hosts
  • Luajit support was added to all platforms (via cmake scripts)
  • create-project-* scripts were created that allows you to generate vs2008->vs2013 and xcode project files.
  • Changes to a project can be recorded once in the relevant cmake script and all platforms should work instead of maintaining 6+ build configs
  • Plugin support was added for installing modules which are outside the moai sdk (other repos) [More]
  • Custom host support was added for compiling a host outside of the repo [More]
  • Support for compiling with Ming-w64 for a completely open source experience on Windows (no more vcruntime to distribute)

Additional Features:

  • Vector Pathfinding (MOAIVecPathGraph)
  • Box2D Closest Raycast Exposure
  • Twitter support in android
  • MOAIShader was enhanced with the 4x4 matrix and given access to UNIFORM_WORLD_VIEW
  • A faster and smoother android host with working keyboard support.
  • MOAISafariIOS is now MOAIBrowserIOS and MOAIBrowserAndroid added
  • Visibility can now be inherited!
  • Google Play Services
  • Updated Tapjoy and Vungle
  • MOAISim showCursor and hideCursor support
  • Documentation improvements
  • Chartboost for IOS and android
  • You can now EnqueueJoystickEvent from the host.
  • New HTML/JS host based on emscripten


  • Android logging support repaired
  • VFS works correctly on all platforms
  • A heap of lua stack overflows
  • Fixes to JSON parser and encoder
  • Textbox string bounds calculations fixed
  • PVR support working now


Clone MOAI here: https://github.com/moai/moai-dev

Additional/updated info available here: https://github.com/moai/moai-dev/wiki/Whats-New-in-1.5

Forum Discussion: http://getmoai.com/forums/what-s-new-in-1-5-t2541/

Thanks to Users:

  • patrick - contributed a huge chunk of code
  • halfnelson - merged 1.5 via moaiforge, built moaicli
  • makotok - maintained the github repository
  • joshua_jandyco - added luajit support
  • and many many more

News and Notes:

While there are still a few hitches and minor glitches, 1.5 is ready for your app/game, but you will have to use git to get it.  Still to come is a packaged archive with precompiled hosts, which we will announce again here when ready.

Don't forget to join us in our forums and on #moai chat on FreeNode IRC!

Next up: we are compiling a list of the latest games made with MOAI!  :)


We are discontinuing support for Moai Cloud at the end of this month (August 2013). If you need help or a migration plan for your projects, please contact us.

Moai SDK will continue to be available as an open source project.

Yes! We finally decided to do a meetup in San Francisco.

Thanks to our friends from MindSnacks that made this possible.

All the info for the event here: 


5064OS mockupcover_normal_1Hi everybody!

Short blog post to tell you that the first book about Moai SDK will be available on March 26th.

It's a step-by-step introduction to the framework, where you will build 2 prototypes.

It's been written by me (Francisco Tufró) and reviewed by Adam and Eric from Zipline!



We hope you enjoy it!

Hi everybody! We're applying to this year's Google Summer of Code, in search of new members that will join the community and help the project.

Here is a list of ideas for the potential projects:

  • Better documentation: Documentation in Moai SDK is hard to read and not always correct. We need to review the whole framework's docs, create samples that are missing and update the existing ones.
  • Unified build system: Maintaining a lot of different build systems for each platform has become a probem. We would like to have something like cmake creating projects for the different systems.
  • 3D framework: Right now 3D support is really small, we need to create a unified way to work with models, create model import classes, and usual 3D stuff.
  • New audio framework: Untz, our current audio framework, is far from ideal, so we need a new one. 

Hope you like these ideas and join us!!!

Finally!!! After about 4 months we have a new release!

We've been dealing with a lot internally, the studio had a lot of work to do with Slots but here we are.

The news are that I (Francisco Tufró) am going to be taking care of Moai SDK releases, pull requests and all things SDK.

What's new?

Since this release, we removed the sign up requirement for Moai SDK Download. So just head to our Downloads section and get the latest release.

We also added nightly builds, so you don't have to wait until an official release is done in order to try edge stuff. But keep in mind that nightly builds are extremely unstable.

Another thing that we're going to do from now on is to keep a file named CHANGELOG.txt in the root of the release package, it will include info about all the commits included in it and credits to the developers that collaborated.


  • Android Keyboard
  • Better Threading support
  • Offscreen frame-buffering

Directory structure

Even if there were no huge changes in the SDK I decided to bump to 1.4 because we changed the directory structure of releases.

The new structure is as follows:

bin/ Development binaries for Windows and MacOSX, Linux will be added soon
docs/ Documentation for this release and attribution images
hosts/ Source and IDE projects for the different platform's hosts
include/ Include headers
lib/ Compiled (static and/or dynamic) libraries for all the supported platforms
samples/ Moai SDK feature samples 

The main idea behind the changes was splitting the executable binaries from the libraries and also to give better naming to platforms (ant now is android for example).

Hope you enjoy this release and keep creating amazing games!

We love you! 


Version 1.4p0

by Patrick Meehan ( https://github.com/patrickmeehan )
* Added setTerrainMask () to MOAIPathFinder; renamed setTerrainScale () to setTerrainWeight ()
* Some work has been done on threading. Check MOAIThread.
* added support for default texture; finished async load; samples for async texture load
  and default texture
* added support in MOAIDataBuffer to detect zip files, inflate on load; added inflate on load
  support to MOAIDataIOTask
* moai coding style guide in .doc format
* first phase of offscreen rendering architecture completed
* added setClearColor () to MOAILayer
* samples to test multiple viewports inside an offscreen buffer
* integrated sfmt random number generator
* Merged playnomi contribs to MOAIImage, MOAIImageTexture, MOAIParticleSystem and MOAIParticlePexPlugin

by Adam Villalobos ( https://github.com/adamvillalobos )
* Adding GCM support ( replacing C2DM ) to Android host.
* Adding file not found log if a texture file fails to load
* Fixing build errors for DataTaskIO
* Fixing issue with setting visibility not properly updating dependencies
* Fixing bug with Font reloading on Android
* Added Android keyboard support

by John Copic ( https://github.com/JohnCopic )
* Adding sfmt lib to android build.

by JoakimBlomberg ( https://github.com/JoakimBlomberg )
* Script node apply of attributes should unpack attribute id or it will not be applied

by Bogdan Tatarov ( https://github.com/btatarov )
* adding MOAIUnitzSound::_getFilename()

by mxttie ( https://github.com/mxttie )
* updated box2d physics sample adding mouse manipulation using mouse joint

by Tommo Zhou ( https://github.com/tommo )
* fix edge case that new-created-paused action cannot receive further update
* fix: MOAIImageTexture not override OnInvalidate

by Antonio ( https://github.com/antback )
* Initial Camera Support for iOS

by sporksmith ( https://github.com/sporksmith )
* Log file-open failures

by Clement Farabet ( https://github.com/clementfarabet )
* Fixed VSYNC issue for OSX host.
* Added missing files to iOS (XCode) project.

by Francisco Tufro ( https://github.com/franciscotufro )
* Several fixes in build systems for all platforms
* New release script in bin/distribute

by Stephen Belanger ( https://github.com/Qard )
* Recommended to enable this with C-Ares

by Ben Borowski ( https://github.com/typeoneerror )
* Adds call to FMOD update to iOS sample project.

by Robert Wahler ( https://github.com/robertwahler )
* GlutHost will run "main.lua" if host binary is called without arguments
* add Lua global 'arg' that mimics the lua/luajit built-in global 'arg' to GlutHost

by Alexey Zankevich ( https://github.com/Nepherhotep )
* MOAIJsonParser fix - checking if lua number is integer has been added
* Fixed MOAIEnvironment.screenDpi nil issue for Android
* Fixed MOAIEnvironment.screenDpi nil issue for iOS host

by Seebs ( https://github.com/seebs )
* Clarify description of textbox color escapes, fixing one typo and reducing confusion
  between number of bits and number of values represented.
* build.sh: Terser output
* add (untested) support for controlling GL blend equations.

by ChairGraveyard ( https://github.com/ChairGraveyard )
* Add support for collideConnected flag to MOAIBox2DWorld::_addRopeJoint

by out-of-pixel ( https://github.com/out-of-pixel )
* Fixed last Key Error from MOAIAnimCurve

by superquadratic ( https://github.com/superquadratic )
* Fix Clang 4.2 (Xcode 4.6) Compiler Warnings



Thanks Vera Djuraskovic for translating our FAQ to Serbo-Croatian!

We hope this allows people from the former Yugoslav Republics to join our community!

Check it out here: http://science.webhostinggeeks.com/moai !!!

Just a quick post to tell you about two cool new books that have chapters on Moai. The first is 'Learn Lua for iOS Game Development' by our friend Jayant Varma:



The second is Jason Brownlee's 'Mobile Game Engines: Interviews with Mobile Game Engine Developers':


Check them out!

Summer is well and truly over here in Seattle, but the good news is that the pace of Moai development is picking up! The new Moai SDK 1.3r2 is now available for download. This release saw a focus on iOS, with support for the iOS 6 SDK and Xcode 4.5 plus a round of new features and bug fixes for all platforms.

Most importantly, we have updated the Moai Xcode project to support Apple's latest Xcode version 4.5 and the iOS 6 SDK. What does this mean for you? The biggest change is that Xcode 4.5 adds support for armv7s and the iPhone 5, but drops support for older armv6 iOS devices, and requires a minimum of iOS 4.3. Apple's armv6 devices include the iPhone 3G and earlier iPhones, and the first two generations of iPod touch devices. The Moai codebase on github can still be used to build to armv6 with previous Xcode versions, but your build flags will need to be reverted to support this.

Thanks again to Moai contributors and developers who assisted with this release.


What's new in Moai SDK 1.3r2:

-iOS 6 and armv7s support added
-Dropped armv6 support on iOS
-Added setFailOnError method to MOAIHTTPTask to allow getting information from 400+ codes
-Modified MOAITextDesigner's layout behavior to snap the layout cursor's Y-Coordinate to integer boundaries between lines of text
-Modifed MOAITextDesigner's layout method to snap lines of text to integer boundaries to prevent blurring
-Fixed a buffer overrun issue in Visual Studio 2010
-Fixed 'setLength' function on MOAIBOX2DDistanceJoint
-Fixed a bug with Curl HTTP task resetting on certain calls
-Fixed offscreen buffer ( MOAIFrameBuffer ) clipping bug
-Fixed issue with MOAICpBody not registering MOAITransformBase functions
-Fixed issue with MOAISerializer not handling escaped quotes
-Fixing bug causing '.fnt' file to fail to load if not in the current directory
-Added MOAIBox2DRopeJoint to global Lua class registration
-Added a fill method to MOAIGrid
-Fixed issue with MOAIParticleEmmiter so that it uses the proper location and apply transforms in the correct order
-Fixed a bug with 3d picking
-Added sort modes to propListForRay


Want to discuss this update in the Moai Forums?  Go for it.